My name is Jane and Wick and Twinkle is my website incorporating Vintagerosebarn candles (wicks) and my other hand  crafts, decoupage,  resin (twinkles) and a few other handmade goodies.


Here I will be  showcasing  and selling my latest creations online. Please let me know if you have any requests.... 

Our ethos : we continue to strive to hand make cruelty free, natural wax candles, which last,  smell great, don't leave soot deposits on your ceilings, and wont break the bank. We believe these should be an affordable price so you pay for the product and not for masses of expensive packaging. 

Our handcrafted resin items are made to last and be reuseable as much as possible so as not to add to the mountain of single use plastic. We are also currently converting our crafting practices to use  eco friendly glitter,  and nontoxic , natural or ethically sourced components. Our packaging is recycled too wherever possible

I'm pleased to say that we are still up and running despite the pandemic, and are now into our 12th year of busines -  for that I am very thankful and humbled to be able to continue my creative pursuits so finally a big 

Thank You to our valued customers who make this so worthwhile.